Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network is the premier rehabilitation provider in Connecticut. HHCRN is known for its commitment to high quality, customer focused outcomes.


Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network is...

A national leader in elevating the standards of patient safety, quality, outcomes, scientific discovery and dissemination of clinical knowledge.

A system of compassionate care designed to provide the necessary services, information and support for patients to effectively coordinate their healthcare experience.

A growing regional provider network differentiated by its commitment to translational medicine and clinical innovation anchored by a destination academic health center.

An economically sound organization exhibiting excellence in innovation of care delivery, cost management, spreading of best practices, and attracting and retaining the best staff.

A leader in healthcare policy and a catalyst for improving the communities we serve.

Our Strong Clinical Programs:

  • Meet the needs of the community
  • Are outcome driven
  • Exercise best practices

Our Top Clinicians Exhibit:

  • The utmost levels of competency in their chosen fields
  • Knowledge and expertise indicative of their advanced certifications

Stake Holder Feedback

  • Collaborative Approach with Patients
  • Relationship Development with Physicians
  • H3W: Quality Improvement Model with Staff

Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network